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The Tristone Traditional Online Home School program is designed for those individuals that are interested in earning their high school credits online with parental assistance, paying close attention to each student’s academic needs.

Most students that attend our Online Home School program are individuals that would like to go into a community college, acquire a vocational certification, acquire employment, need specialized attention due to learning disabilities, or attention issues. They can also be individuals who require a less constrained time schedule on work which encourages completion since they are working at their own pace to achieve the credits.

Every student is diagnostically evaluated to give our instructors, and administrators the information they needs so that the correct study material can be assigned for the individual.

We will also set up a graduation plan for the person which will determine the length of time he or she will attend our program provided they meet the work that they are required to do. This length of time could be more if the individual decides they do not want to do the work as fast.  Remember this is a self paced program. 

We use Online Curriculum that is designed to work for all individuals no matter their academic achievement. This helps every individual to function at their own pace without feeling pressured to do so. The grade levels of our Traditional Online Home School program are 9th grade through the 12th grade.  3rd grade through 8th grade students must attend Tristone's Accredited Online Program, which will provide live teacher assistance.  Our goal is to make sure there are more tools for the parent to work with at the early childhood educational level.   

Tristone's Online Home School Program has set hours to assist the students attending this program.  Parents will be responsible for the main tutoring of the student in this program.  If there are technical issues with your online application, technical support #'s are provided to assist.  If you have questions regarding a students work assignments, need to request adjustments to assigned work, or have questions regarding attendance and testing you can contact our office directly.  

Students are encouraged to meet timely deadlines for testing, but are given additional time if needed to complete the work if necessary. They are also encouraged to work in an effort to complete so graduation can be achieved as soon as possible.

Tristone wants the Online Education experience we provide to be a user friendly application.  We understand the need and time constraints parents, and students face when trying to complete a Home School program.  Tristone always tries to give a student the most complete, comprehensive, and achievable solution when working toward High School Graduation.  It is also important to note we pride our program in quick, and effective completion as well. 

Traditional Online Home School Program Information