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When choosing a Home School Program it is important for a parent to understand Accreditation in order to make the right choice for your students future.

Home Schooling is not government funded.  There is no regulation on parents acting as the educator of there student.  Our great State of Texas has passed several laws protecting our right to educate our children as we see fit with a parents choice of home school curriculum.

Accreditation and Legal Information

Though it is a true statement that a Home schooled student has the right to be treated equally and fairly, there are still many Colleges, Universities, Vocational Programs, Military Branches, Employers, and Government Funded Entities that require an Accredited High School Diploma.

It is up to the parent to make theses determinations when discussing a students future education, or employment.

The two levels of Accreditation that are offered through Tristone a are the"Traditional Home School Program", and  "Accredited Traditional Home School Program"