The credit recovery program can assist a student in many different aspects to recover necessary credits for specific courses to graduate. Whether a student needs 1 course or more Tristone Credit Recovery can assist.

School grading years are generally broken down into two semesters.  During each semester, the student has the potential to earn ½ credit for the courses they are attending.  If one of the semesters is failed, the student could lack only ½ credit to complete a full course.  Tristone credit recovery can help the student to earn the missing ½ credit to graduate.  If a full credit is needed in the course/courses the student is lacking then they will be required to either test through units, or complete necessary units to acquire the full credit.

The program can give our students the ability to continue enrollment in the current school they are enrolled in and complete needed credits to help them achieve graduation on time. This dual enrollment is contingent on the student’s current schools accreditation through AdvancED.

The program also gives a student the ability to recover necessary credits during  
summer months.

If a student has already taken the necessary curriculum but did not receive credit for it, the student may be able to test through the necessary units to achieve ½ credit, or the full credit.

For more information regarding our credit recovery program please call our office during normal business hours.


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