Tristone's Accredited Online Program offer's students a world of learning through their computer that is recognized throughout the world as accredited.

If you are a parent who is truly limited on time, or the ability to offer the assistance your student needs when doing a traditional online program this is definitely the right fit.

This prestigious program offers an assortment of courses and provides teachers, and academic assistance to fit the individual needs of you, or your student. 

Individualized Learning

Tristone works for your student 24/7,  so we can create an individualized approach based on a students specific needs.  Our program give us the ability to take the school to the student.

Tristone can also offer Credit Recovery through our online program, that can assist a student to recover credits that are lacking to graduate through a public school.  This credit recovery process is also accredited.

Live Teacher Support

Through our Online Program we offer experienced, enthusiastic educators  that specialize in online learning. We encourage student achievement through messaging, online classrooms, and one-on-one phone conversations.

Top Accreditation

Our Alliance Program is accredited through AdvancED, the largest accrediting body in the world, representing over 34,000 schools. By earning the highest educational standards for excellence, your students’ credits can be recognized by more colleges and universities. In addition, more than 25 high school courses are approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

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