"​Providing Home School Education since 1986!"
3rd-12th & Adult Education



We take pride in the Christian home school program we have offered for the last 30 yrs.. We understand the importance of having the ability to offer every student, and/or adult the opportunity to be educated by a program that is more conveniently located, and available to them any time of the day.
Our development of Tristone Learning Institute was a decision to start offering a home school program online. It was also an opportunity to share the many benefits of home school curriculum. One of the most important benefits is safety.  A parent shouldn’t be afraid to send a student to school.  Whether it be social issues, bullying, or a host of other safety factors, every student is entitled to a safe structured learning environment. That's why Tristone wants to offer you the safest place we know to learn, and that’s your own home.

Tristone's learning platform was created by teacher’s for teaching at home by the parent with the student. The curriculum can be administered in 26 languages worldwide to any student of any age.  It is also an extremely user friendly curriculum to assist students of all ages trying to complete their High School Diploma.  Over the last 30 yrs., We have graduated thousands of students in the State of Texas who have successfully attended College, University, and accomplished many careers.  The online international program we offer will give us the opportunity to extend our reach worldwide, and assist many more.

30 Wonderful Years of Life-changing Learning

Tristone Learning Institute