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When applying to a University, Community College, Vocational, or Trade school from a Private, or Home School program, typically students are required to complete entrance exams. Any student that is planning on attending a University must complete SAT and/or ACT testing before applying to a campus, scores are required to be submitted with your application. Students enrolling in a Community College typically are required to complete at least a THEA test or the campus' own entrance exam. Vocational or Trade Schools usually have their own unique exams to issue to their students based on their degree plans, if any testing is required at all.  Tristone's still requires all students to complete SAT or ACT Testing before applying. Every student that attends Tristone Learning Institute agrees to this testing when enrolling to our Online Program.  A student must prove the validity of their education through State Scored testing.  Since Tristone does not offer State Scored testing services, we recognize the SAT or ACT as a valid State Scored test for this purpose. It is a graduates responsibility to complete this testing in order to qualify to continue their education.

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