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Military Acceptance Information

Tristone Learning Institute understands that each branch of the Military has their individual criteria as to what they will, or will not accept in a potential candidate. This criteria has differed from year to year, and Tristone Learning Institute has tried to maintain good relations with educational departments of each branch in order to satisfy, and meet required criteria. It is important that every individual wishing to pursue candidacy in a branch of the Military know that he, or she, must complete accepted programs in order to be considered. Since we are recognized as a Home School Program Nationwide, all Military Branches have the ability to accept our home school graduates.  Our Home School Program offers the opportunity to complete the number of credits required by the State of Texas to receive an Official Home School Transcript, and Diploma. This means that you must complete an approved program that offers the potential candidate the opportunity to complete the number of credits required by the State of Texas in order to receive a High School Diploma. Some branches may still require at least 15 college credit hours, depending on which High School Program is chosen to complete the required diploma in order to be considered as a viable candidate. Tristone Learning Institute offers an Accredited Online Home School Program for individuals who wish to pursue candidacy in a branch of the Military, which could require a student to complete at least 9 months or more. This program is accredited through AdvancED, and is recognized nationally as accredited, which should be accepted by all branches. We ask that if you are interested in enlisting please contact the recruiter you are currently speaking with, or one near you about your best option. Please see our information detailing each program listed on our website, in order to better understand what our school has to offer. You may also contact an enrollment counselor, or registrar to discuss your decision to pursue a Military career.  They will assist you with the program that Tristone Learning Institute offers to complete the necessary requirements for Military enlistment purposes. If you have any further questions regarding this information please contact our office.