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Tristone Online Learning would like to say we recognize that our community & schools have been greatly impacted by the current pandemic we are dealing with.  This also will affect, and impact the way Tristone will conduct business during this crisis.

Tristone offers two programs that have different guidelines, and attendance requirements. 

At this time the State of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, and Mayor Steve Adler have instituted a Social Distancing Mandate. Most schools are instituting online study for the Austin, TX, and surrounding areas to provide safety for all staff, and students.

Tristone is recognized in the State of Texas as an Online Home School, and our students that participate in our Online Programs attend from home.  Since this is distance learning, and we rarely interact with these students in person except for enrollment locally, this should not affect attendance.

Please call our office for any issues we can assist with.

Our office numbers are 512-318-2530 - Austin, TX, 325-795-9489 - Abilene, TX. 
You must call the location nearest you for all  specific operations information.

We will continue to respond to Record Requests, and Employment Verification.  All requests must be made by email, or by phone during operations hours - Mon.- Thurs 9:30a-3:30p, which is subject to change as the need arises.  All payments must be made by Credit Card over the phone.

Online Classes will continue as usual, and we will continue to enroll into our online program. 

All payments for this enrollment will be made by phone, and enrollment documentation remitted via email.

We appreciate your understanding, and our prayers are for each and every person in the world right now.  

God Bless You, Your Family, This World, & America!